Tips for cleaning Air Ducts

One should keep their ducts clean to have fresh ventilation of air that you breathe through. The best season for air duct cleaning Boerne is around spring, and one cannot even imagine the dust and debris accumulated in the air ducts.

Step-by-step Duct Cleaning

• Step 1: Remove all the screws from the adapt covers and grill plates.
• Step 2: Vents that supply all room heat should be covered with paper towels, preventing dirt and dust from entering the room while cleaning other areas. You have to lift the supply events and place the paper towel between the went cover and the wall or floor.
• Step 3: adjust your thermostat to the fan on position. The fan helps lose the dust while you clean, and the heat and the relaxed mode should be off. If you have an older thermostat, you should keep the heat mode on while cleaning the duct.
• Step 4: Start tapping a little so that the dust and clumps become loose that are stuck inside the ducts come. You can do this with the help of a brush and tap wherever accessible.
• Step 5: then comes the cleaning of the supplier registers. With the help of a vacuum, place the hose near the register and lift it. Make sure you vacuum out as much dust as possible so the hose can reach. Then use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe out the interior clean. You must reach the cloth repeatedly because you will find a lot of dust and gunk up for the first time.
• Step 6: Next, you need to clean the return registers. Brush, sweet back, and 4th as far as possible into the register cavity.
• Step 7: After finishing the previous step, shut off the fan at the thermostat and power the furnace through the service switch or breaker panel. Remember that switching off the fan alone does not reduce the unit’s power.
• Step 8: once you cut the power off, you can remove the panels on the front and access the blower compartment and the return air boot. With the help of a vacuum, sleep out any dust or debris from the blower compartment and return the air boot. This is the region where you will find the maximum amount of dust. Once you clean the compartment and the air boot, clean the furnace fun.
• Step 9: the cleaning process will only be complete if you clean the clock HVAC filters. A better filter will cut down the dust in your home; the better the filter, the more often you have to change it. A clock filter reduces the efficiency of the blower motor and its lifespan.


In addition to air duct cleaning helotes, there are a few preventions that you need to keep in mind. At the same time, it is advisable to call for professional help to get the job done because any harm or damage to any part may lead to a more significant expense than cleaning it professionally.

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