How Often Should You Clean Your AC Coil?

It is no wonder that air conditioners are one of the most useful home appliances nowadays. To make sure that your AC works effectively the machine must transfer heat from inside to outside properly. And for this, it is important to keep the coils clean.

Most people clean their AC coil once a year but depending upon the need of situation one might need to clean it earlier. Generally, there are 2 types of coils used in air conditioners: condenser coils and evaporator coils. Here is a detailed list of why and when you should clean your AC coil.


Why and When Should You Clean Your AC Coil?

i) For Maintenance

For any home appliance, maintenance is very important. There are many cleaning services available for AC coil cleaning in San Antonio that offer annual maintenance for air conditioners which includes cleaning of coils. This kind of maintenance can also increase the life of your machine and keep it in good condition.
If you live in a high-humidity area and use an evaporator coil you might need more than one maintenance for your air conditioner otherwise it will not be able to absorb the heat properly as the coil will be restricted.

And your machine will let you know that it requires servicing through the build-up ice on the coil. All thanks to the easy service availability of AC & Chimney Cleaning in San Antonio that getting a cleaning service is not a matter of haphazard.

ii) Depending Upon the Weather Conditions

As we already know the main function of any conditioner is to control the temperature of a particular space, therefore depending on the different environmental conditions air conditioners might require more than one service in a year.
For example in tropical countries where the weather is warm throughout the year air conditioners require more maintenance and cleaning. Again coastal areas have more moisture in Salt accumulation during the year therefore air conditioners here need at least 2 services in a year.

iii) Frequency of Usage

Any machine that is being overused will demand more maintenance. Air conditioners are no exception. Being a subtropical area AC demands rapid cleaning in the territory as you need the services for AC Coil Cleaning in San Antonio.

If any air conditioner is being used for 12 to 18 hours in a single day they will ask for more maintenance or cleaning. On the other hand, if an AC is not being used for a long time then also it will frequently require servicing, as the debris and dirt will create clumps.

iv) In Case of Receiving any Foul Smell

It is essential to keep your AC and the environment of your home healthy, therefore if any foul smell trades around it might be an indication that it is time to contact the best service provider of AC and Chimney Cleaning in San Antonio.

When AC spreads odor it is mainly because either it has picked a lot of dust or has a mold or developed bacteria inside it. For such a case it is better to have a monthly cleaning schedule for your Air conditioners.

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