How Many Times in a Year Should You Clean Your Chimney?

Despite your best efforts to keep your house clean, it’s nevertheless simple to forget about maintaining some fixtures, especially up on the roof. You probably don’t want to contact the fire brigade during a romantic evening spent beside a lighted fireplace. Yes, talking about the chimney.

When you don’t regularly clean your chimney, you may just end up doing this. Looking for ways how to prevent such situations from happening? The only solution is cleaning, be it chimney or AC coil cleaning in San Antonio. This also comes to mind- How often you should do this? So to help you, here is everything you need to know.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Chimney?

Chimney cleaning is beyond safety matters. There are a lot of factors that lead to chimneys becoming dirty. Thinking how often should you clean your chimney? Basically how frequently you should get your AC coil cleaning in San Antonio done, depends on how much you use your fireplace. For instance, if you don’t utilize your chimney, you may usually get away with less frequent fireplace chimney cleaning.

Furthermore, even if you don’t use your chimney frequently, it may have been used by birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals, making it unsafe to use without removing the accumulated nesting materials. For this reason, chimney cleaning in San Antonio should be done at least once a year. Therefore, this will help you understand if your systems are working in order and operating as they should.

When Do You Need A Chimney Inspection?

Wondering when you really need to do chimney cleaning in San Antonio? Here are some cases in which chimney cleaning is a must:
● You should schedule an inspection if you haven’t had your chimney inspected in a year or more, if your chimney, fireplace, or heating system is performing poorly, or if you’ve just bought the house.
● When you have upgraded or replaced your heating systems adding a stove or insert, or both, is another crucial time to have your systems evaluated, be it chimney or AC coil cleaning in San Antonio.
● Insects may have constructed nests that could clog your flue or chimney chamber if you haven’t used your fireplace for a while. This is another case where you need to get your chimney cleaned.
● You should also get your chimney cleaned if it is making abnormal sounds or even if it smells differently than usual.
● Your system’s performance will suffer if normal wear and tear are ignored. The more expensive the repairs are going to be, the longer the issues are left unattended.

Get Your Chimney Cleaned By Professionals

Surely it is possible to clean your chimney on your own, but ending up being in danger or increasing risk can be worst. So it is always the best decision to seek help from professionals in chimney cleaning services. However, make sure to opt for experts who are reputed in the industry and have years of experience.

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