Guide to clean AC coils and air ducts

Cleaning air ducts and ac coils is essential as the accumulation of dust and debris reduces the efficiency of the machine and its lifespan. Maintaining your machines properly enhances the outcome and improves the quality and life span. Therefore it is essential to keep your appliances clean and dust free. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are cleaning the ducts and the coils all by yourself.


Air Duct


Most homeowners need to learn how to clean essential appliances; hence, they spend a lot of money to get it done by professionals. Air duct cleaning New Braunfels is not such a thing that you must spend money on to get cleaned. Need any expensive machinery to clean your air duct?

Things you need

Here are the basic things that you need to clean the air duct.

• Furnace filter.
• Gloves.
• Vacuum with a hose.
• Brush.
• Power Drill.
• Cleaning cloth (microfiber works best)
• Paper towels.


In every procedure, there are some precautions you need to follow some of the most common scenarios have been mentioned below.
• How often: this is the most common question regarding how often you should clean your air ducts. 1 to 2 times a year is the answer. The appropriate times are the beginning of spring and fall.
• Mold: the next question is what you should do if you find a mold during your duct cleaning. The first thing that you should do is get it tested by a professional.
AC Coil

The first thing that comes into mind about AC coil cleaning San Antonio is how often it should be cleaned. Common sense would suggest AC coils should be cleaned whenever they are dirty. However, the intensity of getting dirty depends upon your air conditioner usage, how often you change your filter, whether you have a filter and the amount of Dirt and debris inside and outside your home. The answer is one to two times a year.

You can clean your AC coil with several things, like compressed air household detergent and commercial cleaners. The most common of these are household detergents. The procedure for cleaning AC coils with household detergents is given below.
• Step 1: mild household detergent and mix it with water. Put the mixture in a low-pressure sprayer.
• Step 2: fly the solution to the coil using the low-pressure sprayer.
• Step 3: the coil can make either dream naturally or with the help of a garden hose, and it can be rinsed lightly, and the process may be repeated.


If a professional cleaner is doing it, ensure they are not using a high-power washer or pressure washer, as a high-power pressure washer damages the fins, ultimately reducing the appliance’s efficiency.
The detergent that is to be used should not be acidic. Acidic detergents damage the copper and metal alloy, reducing the appliance’s lifespan.


Even though cleaning AC coils is easy, it is still advisable to call for professional help. The parts of AC coils and air ducts are very delicate and can cause damage, making your expense even more.

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